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We provide exposure and response prevention (ERP) for OCD and anxiety.

Parent Training

Behavior parent training was created to educate parents about their child’s disorder and skill deficits and teach them skills to enhance the parent-child relationship, decrease interfering behaviors, and increase desired behaviors. Parents are taught to create positive, proactive experiences and reinforce desired adaptive behaviors during parent-child interactions to provide a context for nurturing growth. A collaborative approach is utilized between the trainer and parents to help apply strategies to address these challenges. Parent trainers incorporate Behavior Skills Training (BST) model as the evidence-based approach to behavior change. BST is composed of four main components:

Modeling- the appropriate behavior is demonstrated. The parent observes the behavior and then imitates the behavior of the trainer.

Instructions- the trainer describes the appropriate behavior for the parent. Instructions are specific and describe exactly what is expected of the parent.

Rehearsal- this is the opportunity for the parent to practice the behaviors after receiving instructions and watching the trainer demonstrate the behaviors.

Feedback- the trainer provides feedback to the parent. Feedback involves 1) praising for correct performance and 2) correction of errors or for further instruction to improve performance.

Skills taught in parent training sessions include the following: labeled praise, positive reinforcement, special parent-child time, planned ignoring, effectively communicating instructions, development and enforcement of house rules, chores, etc., token economies, effective home-school communication, problem-solving techniques for future difficulties, enriching enivonments to support a caring approach to parenting, etc.


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