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Local and National Referrals Listings


New England OCD – Boston Location – 781-517-7554

OCD | New England Center for OCD and Anxiety | United States (

Local Individual Providers

Nathan Peterson- 972-591-3979

OCD and Anxiety Counseling – Therapist for OCD in Allen | Program for OCD in Allen

Justin Hughes- 469-490-2002

Home – Justin K. Hughes, MA, LPC (

Alejandra Diaz- 214-620-4637

Alejandra Diaz (

Kathy Hurry- 214-736-4612

Kathy Hurry Counseling PLLC – Mental Health Therapist in Dallas, TX

Dallas  CBT- 214-305-2110
Dallas Psychologists | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Dallas CBT

Molly Martinez, PhD
Specialists in OCD & Anxiety Recovery (SOAR)
1701 N Collins Blvd, Suite 230
Richardson, TX 75080
(214) 810-4667


Shahla Ali, MD
Allen Psychiatry
P: 469-340-2777


Suparna Basu, MD
400 I-635
Suite 200
Irving, TX 75063
P: 469- 800-0490

Heidi Bruty, MD
All Ages
12720 Hillcrest Rd, STE 120
Dallas, TX 75230
(p) 214-842-6676
(f) 214-842-6086
Does not take insurance


J. Christian Cather, M.D.
9101 N Central Expressway, Suite 180
Dallas, TX 75231
P: 214-365-0005

Chad Collom, DNP
Solace Counseling
1475 Prudential Drive
Dallas TX 75235
Accepts Insurance

D – F

Brian C. Forsythe, MD
4525 Lemmon Ave #200
Dallas, TX 75219
P: 214-526-4525

Dr. Freele
Holiner Group
Ages 12 to Adult
7777 Forest Lane
Building C
Suite 833
Dallas, TX 75230-2501

Dallas Location

Corinne Fribley, MD
All Ages
7557 Rambler Road #812
Dallas, TX 75231


Jeffrey Glass, M.D.
12810 Hillcrest Road #220
Dallas TX, 75230
Does accept insurance

Cathal Grant, MD
Bedford Clinic
Adult & Adolescent
1604 Hospital Parkway,
Suites 507 and 508
Bedford, TX 76022

Our Team

P: 817-354-7268
Accepts Insurance

Ritu Ghai, MD
All Ages
10300 N Central Expy
Ste 280
Dallas, TX 75231
P: (469) 384-2508


Chris Heath, M.D.
7557 Rambler Rd
Dallas, TX 75231
P: 214-696-5015
Accepts insurance

Ryan Helm, MD
All Ages
8333 Douglas Ave, Suite 1240
Dallas, TX, 75225
P: 214- 680-0691
Does not accept insurance

David Henderson, M.D.
8411 Preston Road, Ste. 675
Dallas, TX 75225
P: 214-265-1400

I – K

Andrea Kim, MD
Private Practice

Sunil Kottur, MD
Private Practice Plano (accepts insurance)


Rachel Leidner, MD
All Ages
5925 Forest Ln #420
Dallas, TX 75230

M – P

Pavan Pamadurthi, MD
399 W Campbell Rd
Richardson, TX 75080
P: 469-941-4547
F: 469-941-4543
Accepts insurance

Park Cities Psychiatry
5944 Luther Lane
Dallas, TX 75225
P: 214-522-7240

Zena Patel, PA
UT Southwestern
Accepts insurance

Q – R

Ahmad Raza, MD
UT Southwestern Dallas (accepts insurance)

Vandana S Rao, MD
Child & Adolescent
3405 Milton Avenue, Suite 201 and Suite 202
Dallas, TX, 75205


P: 214-242-0094
F: 844-849-8914
Accepts insurance

Antonio Roman, M.D.
Children & Adolescents
6116 N. Central Expressway
P: 214-363-2953
Accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)


Martin Schaffer, M.D.
General & Eldercare
9400 N Central Expy, #1212
Dallas TX, 75231
P: 214-373-3031

Nancy Shosid, MD
12880 Hillcrest Rd., #104
Dallas, TX 75230
p: 972-387-4767
p: 972-490-4513
F: 972-490-3567

Dawn Shogren, MD
Child Psychiatry Available

Laura Slaughter, MD
Smart Health and Wellness

Howard Smith, MD
Private Practice (Private Pay)


Shakil A. Tukdi, MD
5501 Independence Pkwy Ste 302
Plano, TX 75023
Accepts insurance


UTSW Psychiatry Clinic
Ahmad Raza, MD or Colin Vas, MD at UT Southwestern (
6363 Forest Park Road
Tower 2, 7th Floor, Suite 749
Dallas TX, 75390


Scott Woods, MD
Genetic testing available
Accepts insurance

X – Z

Addison Zaya, NP
Smart Health and Wellness

Rogers Behavioral Health – 800-767-4411
Behavioral Health & Recovery Services – Rogers Behavioral Health (

McLean OCDI Houston – 713-526-5055
McLean OCDI Houston | World-Class OCD and Anxiety Treatment (

Client Guides & General Information

Handouts, Resources, & Guidelines for Clients
  • Exposures:
    • Exposure-based treatment can seem deceptively simple. Practicing exposure effectively can be more complex. We provide some guidelines below to help you learn to use this practice effectively. Guidelines for Exposure
  • Telehealth Sessions:
    • Telehealth sessions offered on a case-by-case basis depending on treatment needs, treatment adherence, and location. Should you have more questions about telehealth sessions or how to join your telehealth session using our HIPPA compliant software, see the following handout: Telehealth Sessions
General Evidence-based Treatment Resources

The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, information about CBT and evidenced-based treatments for a variety of disorders, here. 

Resources for OCD

The International OCD Foundation (IOCDF), provides information about treatments, medication, and OCD. 

Beyond OCD

The Anxiety Disorders of America on OCD

Book Recommendations: 

  • Abramowitz, J. (2009). Getting Over OCD: A 10-Step Workbook for Taking Back Your Life
  • Chansky, T. (2001). Freeing your child from obsessive-compulsive disorder: A powerful, practical program for parents of children and adolescents.
  • Foa, E.B., & Andrews, L.W. (2006). If your adolescent has an anxiety disorder: An essential resource for parents.
  • Freeman, J.B., & Garcia, A.M. (2009). Family-based treatment for young children with OCD (workbook).
  • Hyman, B, Pedrick, C (2010)The OCD Workbook: Your Guide to Breaking Free from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Pedrick, C., Landsman, K, & Parrish K. (2005).  Loving Someone With OCD
  • Rapee, R.M., Spence, S.H., Cobham, V., Wignall, A., & Lyneham, H. (2008). Helping your anxious child: A step-by-step guide for parents  
For Family Members

Having a family member experience significant distress is distressing for the whole family. Often our natural responses to our family member’s distress reduce anxiety in the short term but exacerbate anxiety in the long run.

Accommodation of anxiety/distress in loved ones is a natural loving response of parents and family members but it must be addressed to reduce anxiety.

Success in treatment depends on both clients and their family members being willing to reduce and then stop behaviors that feed anxiety.

We have collected some resources below that you may also find useful in helping you to reduce accommodations for your loved one.

From the International OCD Foundation


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