Jeff Szymanski, PhD

Jeff Szymanski, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and founder of “Getting to the Next Level Consulting”, an international firm specializing in clinical consultation and professional development for mental health professionals at all levels. Dr. Szymanski is working with Better Living Center for Behavioral Health as an Operations and Growth consultant. With more than 25 years as a leader in mental health, Dr. Szymanski is a senior clinician, consultant, trainer, and administrator. Dr. Szymanski previously served as the Executive Director of the International OCD Foundation for 15 years following his role as the Director of Psychological Services at the OCD Institute at McLean Hospital. Currently, he is a Clinical Instructor in Psychology (part-time) at Harvard Medical School, where he supervises pre-doctoral psychology interns through McLean Hospital’s internship program. Dr. Szymanski is the author of “The Perfectionist’s Handbook”, and he has appeared in over 150 media stories, presented at a multitude of conferences, as well as delivering several domestic and international trainings.


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