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If I come to Better Living Center for Behavioral Health for treatment, how long will I be there?

Clients admitted to our day treatment or intensive outpatient treatment program complete process and outcomes measures throughout their treatment stay. The length of treatment varies from person to person and is determined by how much intensive care is needed, along with the severity of the client’s needs.

Can I leave treatment whenever I want?

You may discharge at any time. The treatment team will advise you on whether we think an early discharge may impact symptom remission or whether it may lead to symptoms not adequately being addressed; however, you may always make the decision to leave treatment earlier. 

How much does treatment cost at Better Living Center for Behavioral Health?

For intensive outpatient (IOP) the cost is $450.00 per day. For day treatment (PHP) the cost is $900.00 per day. For hour-long sessions the cost is $150.00 per session. Group sessions are $50.00 per session.

Will my insurance will cover treatment?

We are considered out-of-network by all major insurances. Some insurances may reimburse your treatment after treatment; however, we cannot guarantee any level of reimbursement from your insurance. Your benefits and reimbursement are entirely between you and your insurance company.

What is the difference between intensive outpatient and supportive day treatment? And is day treatment in a hospital?

Intensive outpatient (IOP) care is 3 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday-Friday). Better Living offers a Morning IOP (9am-12pm) and an Afternoon IOP (1pm-4pm).  Supportive Day Treatment is 6 hours a day (9am- 12pm/1pm-4pm), 5 days a week (Monday-Friday). Day treatment is not in a hospital setting at Better Living. Please note that we do not have cafeteria service. Client’s must leave the center to eat locally during lunch break (12-1pm).

There are a lot of types of care and treatment to consider. How do I know which is right for me?

We will provide our clinical recommendation after meeting with you for an intake. Our treatment team is trained and equipped to best determine which type of care would be most beneficial; establishing treatment plans designed customarily to one’s specific needs. If we are not able to accommodate the needs of our clients, the team will do their best to provide additional resources or treatment options.

What can I do if someone is not willing to get treatment?

Behavior therapy is intensive and requires cooperation from all parties involved. If you are not willing to participate in your care or you have a family member unwilling to seek care – we will not be able to assist. For individuals who may be a current danger to themselves or others, you should contact 9-1-1 or take them to the nearest emergency room.

Who can visit me while I am here? Are my children or the children of friends and family members allowed to visit?

Better Living Center for Behavioral Health does not currently serve as a residential facility, so children, children of friends, and family members are permitted to come and wait in the lobby. Note that any children present in the lobby must be able to function independently. Our front desk staff do not serve as childcare and may not be present at the front desk at all times.

Can I tour Better Living Center for Behavioral Health before being admitted?

No, if you are completing an intake assessment you may view portions of the center relevant to your care. Tours of the facility are limited to care providers and times in which clients are less present for services.

How do I know what to bring and what to leave at home?

Better Living Center for Behavioral Health does not currently operate as a residential facility, so there would be no need to bring any personal belongings to the center unless the items are specifically relevant to your treatment needs. Your clinicians will request that you bring such items when relevant.

What can I expect when I arrive for admission?

On your first day of higher-level care, you can expect a reorientation to treatment methods and start building rapport with the Better Living team. We will also have you fill out a number of assessments and begin to develop your personalized treatment plan.

Does Better Living Center for Behavioral Health offer support for families with children in treatment?

Better Living Center for Behavioral Health provides parent and family sessions relevant to the client’s treatment needs.

When can I call to discuss my needs and get a screening?

Individuals can call during the designated business hours. Better Living Center for Behavioral Health is open Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.

Who can get information about my admission?

A client’s information, admissions or otherwise is considered protected health information (PHI) and is hence confidential under HIPPA law and the APA code of ethics. The client will need to fill out a written form of consent or release of information form for their information to be accessed by another party. If the client is a child under the age of 18, their parents or guardian will have automatic consent to access their admissions information.

My family doesn’t speak English. How do I request an interpreter?

We currently do not provide language interpreters at Better Living center and will provide referrals to centers where your needs may be met.

Statements and Billing

Better Living use automated systems to send your statements out to you. You may receive a statement when you have a balance or the beginning of the month for the previous month.

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