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We provide exposure and response prevention (ERP) for OCD and anxiety.

Better Living Guidelines

Listed below are some guidelines that the client is advised to follow while present at Better Living Center for Behavioral Health:

Smoking Restrictions

Smoking, vaping, or tobacco/nicotine use of any kind is not permitted within the center at any time. If the client needs a smoke break, they will have to leave the center and smoke at the designated smoking areas outside the vicinity of the office building.


Leave any valuables at home or at current place of residence. The center is not liable for any items that may become lost or stolen.

Appropriate Clothing

Clients may can wear clothing that is comfortable to them. Clothing must be worn at all times, due to health regulations. Clothes or jewelry promoting or displaying violence, gang involvement, disrespect to any group, or drug/alcohol abuse are not permitted. Sexually provocative clothes, such as bare midriffs, low-cut shirts, short shorts, low rise pants or shorts displaying underwear, etc., may not be worn.

Decisions regarding appropriateness of clothing are ultimately up to Better Living staff.


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